Example applications from the energy sector

We are your trusted supplier of electric drives, perfectly adapted to the requirements of the energy sector.

Our drive solutions for the energy sector are custom-built for your needs. Whether it be a generator for power input into the grid with a high degree of efficiency, a DC motor for operation on an energy storage device or another individual drive solution, EW HOF drives are well-designed and built to last. Special material requirements due to harsh operating environments? No problem. We have the know-how and technical expertise to fulfil them – from onshore and offshore coatings to cold climate material versions. Just contact us, and see what our specialists can do for you!

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Drive solutions for the energy sector | Pitch motors | EW HOF

Pitch motors

Selective pitch for onshore and offshore wind turbines as AC or DC motor equipment. Special corrosion protection systems up to C5M-H.

Drives for the energy sector | Wind turbines | EW HOF

Generators for small wind turbines

As asynchronous or synchronous generator with different cooling systems for direct or indirect attachment on the hub.

Generators for CHP plants

Asynchronous or synchronous generators, suitable for enclosed CHP plants operating at high environmental temperatures.

Drives for the energy sector | Underwater generators | EW HOF

Underwater generators

Generators for underwater operation in flowing waters with innovative sealing concept and corrosion protection system against aggressive media.

Drives for the energy sector | Emergency lubrication drive power plants | EW HOF

Emergency lubrication drives for power plants

Maximum availability for decades! DC motors as drives for emergency lubrication oil pumps in power plants.