Generators motors from EW HOF

A durable, low-maintenance generator – custom-built for you!

Our asynchronous and permanently excited synchronous generators boast a long service life while requiring very low maintenance. What that means for you is low and calculable operating costs. The generators are used in bus and railway technology, automotive engineering, as well as combined heat and power in CHP plants. In addition, torque generators are available for designs with a process-related low speed, such as wind turbines and hydroelectric power stations. At EW HOF, one thing is for certain: We will find the right solution for you – even for the use at high ambient temperatures.

EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution


Generator from EW HOF
  • DAG and SECG series
  • maximum efficiency
  • compact design
  • single and double bearing version or installation kit
  • parallel grid operation and/or isolated operation
  • SAE flange or custom attachment

Power range

     2.5 – 90 kW

Thermal class

     F / H

Protection class

     IP 21 – IP 65


     water-cooled or air-cooled

A few of the generators we’ve built


Your generator – exactly how you need it to be

Whatever you need it for, we have the right generator solution for you. We design our generators to precisely match the requirements of your application.

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