Generators from EW HOF

A very durable low maintenance generator – tailor-made for you by us!

Our asynchronous and permanently excited synchronous generators are distinguished by their long service lives and low maintenance effort. For you, this means: low, calculable operating costs. The generators are used both in bus, rail and vehicle technology as well as in combined heat and power coupling in CHP plants. We can also supply you with torque generators for cooling versions with a low speed for process-related reasons, as in wind farms and hydropower plants. You can be sure of one thing at EW HOF: We will find the appropriate solution for you – also for use at high ambient temperatures.

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Generator from EW HOF
  • DAG and SECG series
  • maximum efficiency factors
  • compact design
  • One and two-bearing model or installation kit
  • Parallel grid operation / isolated operation
  • SAE-flange or customised flange

Power range

     2.5 – 90 kW

Heat class


Protection class

     IP 21 – IP 65


     water- or air-cooled

Overview of some implemented generators


Your generator – just as you need it

Regardless of your reason for needing a generator – we have the solution for you. We design our generators to ensure they are exactly adapted to your application’s requirements.

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