Torque motors from EW HOF

Looking for custom-built torque motors that are efficient and reliable? Then look no further.

As direct drives, torque motors by EW HOF are replacing the classic combination of asynchronous standard motors and transmissions or conventional hydraulic solutions. They are multi-pole, permanently excited synchronous motors with high torques at low speeds, designed to be either water-cooled or air-cooled. Not only can we provide you with drive solutions individually adapted to your interface – we also offer direct absorption of axial and radial process forces or hollow shaft designs for conducting media. Looking for a torque motor to use under tough operating conditions? We can give your product a special protective coating or a heavy-duty design, including explosion protection. Our torque motors are typically used in plastic and recycling machines, presses, winches, ship drives and mobile applications, as well as generators for wind turbines and hydroelectric power stations.

EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution


Torque motor from EW HOF
  • SECT series
  • high torques at low speeds
  • maximum power density
  • high energy efficiency
  • compact design
  • high dynamics
  • high efficiency
  • good controllability
  • maintenance-free/low-maintenance
  • smooth running/low noise
  • optionally for open and semi-open cooling systems

Power range

     20 – 1,700 kW


    up to 65,000 Nm


     50 – 1,250 min-1


     water-cooled or air-cooled

A few of the torque motors we’ve built


Your torque motor – custom-built for you

Our specialists engineer and manufacture multi-pole, electrical direct drives custom-tailored to your requirements. We offer everything from a single source, from the idea to serial production. So you get precisely the drive solution you need.

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