Application examples from industry

Our electric drives for industry are efficient, durable and just as the application requires.

We offer you tailor-made drive solutions for all kinds of industrial applications. At the same time, our products meet the highest requirements for shock and vibration strength – even under extremely rough operating conditions, such as in shredders or presses. We naturally also observe various specifications and national or international standards and guidelines. Are you looking for a partner who will develop the optimal drive solution for industrial application? Then you’ve come to the right place with EW HOF.

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Drives for industry | Extruders | EW HOF


AC, torque and DC motors for the plastics industry. Special concepts for direct absorption of axial forces and hollow shaft designs for “screw pull-out to the rear”.

Drives for industry | Shredders | EW HOF


Torque and AC motors for the recycling industry. Maximum requirements for shock and vibration strength.

Drives for industry | Pulpers | EW HOF


Torque motors for material preparation in biomass plants. Bearing concepts for changing loads and high bearing forces.

Drives for industry | Dynamometers | EW HOF


AC motors for transmission and roller dynamometers. Big motors with minimal tolerances.

Drives for industry | Printing presses | EW HOF

Printing presses

Explosion-proof servo motors on flexographic printing presses ensure maximum printing quality.

Drives for industry | Lifts | EW HOF


Modern synchronous motor technology results in gearless passenger and cargo lifts.