Synchronous motors from EW HOF

Custom permanently excited synchronous motors from EW HOF meet all your application area’s requirements. And they do this with precision.

We use high quality rare earth materials for our synchronous motors; these allow a compact design to achieve maximum power density. Our permanently excited synchronous motors are suitable for use in wind turbines, machine tools, vehicle drives, printing machinery industry and metal processing. At the same time, we adjust your drive solution precisely to the operating point of the particular machine.

EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution


Synchronous motor from EW HOF
  • SEC series
  • maximum power density
  • high overload capability
  • combination with different feedback-systems, brakes and gears

Power range

     3 – 400 kW

Protection class

     IP 23 – IP 55


     axial or radial


     water- or air-cooled

Overview of some implemented synchronous motors


Your synchronous motor – tailor-made

Your tailor-made synchronous motor is individually developed and produced at EW by our experts In doing so, we pay attention to uncompromising quality to offer you a durable and reliable drive solution.

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