Our skill sets, your solution

We create tailor-made drive solutions at the very highest level with comprehensive expertise.

We have fully mastered each of our motor technologies. Consequently, we provide you with expert and targeted advice at all times. If you are not sure what drive is right for your application – we can tell you. Thanks to our many years of experience in all kinds of application areas and sectors, we know all the challenges that need to be mastered. We apply our knowledge for every special solution. For example, we have been doing this in the area of explosion protection for over three decades. And we have a wealth of experience in all kinds of applications – from wind power, shredder and recycling plants, extrusion, car and truck dynamometers to traction and lifting motors in all kinds of vehicles and factory truck technology. It is best to avoid trial and error: let the qualified experts from EW HOF get to work.

EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution

Outstanding engineering expertise

Mechanical design and simulation

We use the latest design and analytical software for the mechanical construction and simulation. We use a CAD system to create 2D and 3D designs (file support) and also carry out bearing calculations, strength simulations and oscillation analyses. Individual adjustment to the customer interface, for example by shaft geometries or flange models, is also a fixed part of our tried-and-tested process.

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF

Attachment and integration

We take care of the professional attachment of components, such as transmission and encoders. If you desire the integration of particular functions for your product, we will implement these for you – from brakes and hollow shafts to sensor bearing. Our skill sets also include the integration of process forces.

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF

Electrical calculation and simulation

We work with special analytical calculation programs for direct current and asynchronous machines as well as with numerical field calculation programmes (FEM) for asynchronous and synchronous machines. The computer-aided heating simulation using network generation supplements our range of services. If you need support with the drive design and dimensioning, we will take care of this for you.

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF

Checking and testing

We have over six test facilities for load tests up to 55,000 Nm. In addition, we use a water recooling system for motors and converters and can conduct test with up to 690 V supply voltage. Apart from a complete test with the customer’s converter systems, we also carry out oscillation and noise measurements. Do you want a complete acceptance test with independent experts, e.g. PTB, TÜV, GL, UL, CSA? We would be pleased to initiate such an acceptance test.

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF
EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution

Expert manufacturing and assembly

Mechanical production

We offer conventional mechanical production as well as CNC processing for drilling, turning, milling and grinding. In addition to the steel and aluminium welding, we also braze copper squirrel cage winding and the produce stator and rotor packs.

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF

Electrical production

At EW HOF we produce coils in round or flat wire design and use high quality insulation materials and vacuum impregnation. Depending on requirements, we can use manual or automatic coiling or bandaging in production.

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF

Final assembly

If all other process steps have been carried out, the product moves on to cell or assembly line production. Here we can offer individual part handling of up to 8 tons as well as the complete assembly of attachment components.

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF


We have two modern painting cabins in which we can implement our customers’ painting instructions in one or multi-coat structure. Do you need moisture, acid or tropical protection for your drive solution? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place with EW HOF. What else do we offer you? Certified offshore paintwork (C5 M-H) – “Perfection that is more than skin deep!”

competencies | Electric motors and generators from EW HOF


TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH Certificate

Quality management certification to DIN EN ISO 9001

TÜV NORD CERT GmbH Certificate

Acknowledgement of the quality management systems according to Directive 2014/34/EU for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (TÜV 03 ATEX 2133 Q)

IECEx Quality Assessment Report

Our motor technologies

Torque motor from EW HOF

Torque motors

water- or air-cooled high torque motors

Synchronous motor from EW HOF

Synchronous motors

surface-mounted or buried, high-energy and temperature-table NeFeB magnets

Asynchronous motor from EW HOF

Asynchronous motors

with housing or without housing, aluminium or copper rotors (rod design)

DC motor from EW HOF

DC motors

shunt, compound or series connection designs

Battery-operated motor from EW HOF

battery-operated motors

AC or DC technology in the standard supply voltages

Ex Motor | Explosion-proof motor from EW HOF

Explosion-proof motors

Custom solutions in all motor technologies

Generator from EW HOF


water- or air-cooled asynchronous or synchronous generators