Our service, your advantage

At EW HOF, we know what counts – and not just when it comes to our drives. But also in our services.

We offer you a comprehensive range of useful services. Our drive solutions are enormously durable. To make sure they stay this way, we would be pleased to maintain and repair them. Comprehensively, professionally and personally! Leave nothing to chance. Experience shows that optimum business operation and maximum availability of your systems can only be achieved through professional service and expert repairs. EW HOF offers the best preconditions for this with qualified experts and reliable services. Our customer focus is very important to us. Which is why we holistically support out customers with technical expertise and professional advice.

EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution


Provision of repair and overhaul

To ensure your drive solution works reliably in the long term, we take care of restoring it to its intended state.

Problem analysis and troubleshooting

If your electric motor malfunctions, we are your expert partners to correct the problem.

Advice and diagnostics

We offer you assistance for other problems or challenges and support you with guidance and resources.

On-site repair, inspection and overhaul

Your experts from EW HOF will likewise carry out all kinds of repair measures directly on your premises.

Professional spare part management and customised storage

Our service includes professional spare parts management. As a result, matching parts are quickly available when needed.

Vibration quality measurement

We check the smooth mechanical running of your electric equipment on the basis of vibration quality measurements.

Insulation resistance measurements

Our experts conduct insulation resistance measurements to determine the insulation quality of electric machinery.

Coil impulse voltage test

We conduct reliable tests of the internal coil insulation – not just in the main insulation, as is customary in classic testing procedures.

Technical support

When problems occur, our technical support provides you with professional assistance to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Personal training, basics training, explosives training

Our experts will train you on the various subject areas in small to medium-sized groups. In doing so, we often use a combination of theory and practice.