Explosion-proof motors from EW HOF

Full performance with uncompromising safety – this is what the explosion-proof motors of EW HOF have to offer!

We can also supply you with all of our motors as explosion-proof models. As a recognised manufacturer, we offer you our extensive know-how in constructive cooling and requisite approval. Irrespective of the motor technology, the different cooling versions can be combined to maximise explosion protection. The sub-division of explosive atmospheres into gases or dusts in the respective zones determines the areas of application of these motors. Our explosion-protected motors can frequently be found in power stations, chemical plants, mills and agitators 
as well as in material handling technology.

EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution


Ex Motor | Explosion-proof motor from EW HOF
  • Gas and dust explosion protection
  • for use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • optionally as DC or AC drive

Types of protection

     db, eb, ec

Temperature classes

     T3 – T6

Equipment group

     II and III

Equipment category

     2 – 3

Some implemented explosion-proof motors


Your explosion-proof motor – safely tailored to your needs.

Your EW HOF experts will design custom drives for you, and this included explosion-proof motors. Special solutions are required for use in areas at risk of explosions. We would be pleased to advise and assist you in producing a high quality drive solutions for maximum safety in your application.

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