Battery-operated motors from EW HOF

For forklifts or other electric vehicles – EW HOF delivers battery-operated motors to match your specifications.

With our battery-operated motors, we provide you with solutions for AC and DC systems. They are used in railway technology, automotive engineering and industrial trucks, for example, and perform functions such as driving, steering and lifting. Whether you need a drive for a boat, a rail car or a forklift – we will adapt our battery-operated motors to your individual requirements and the operating point of your machine. So you get a drive solution that is optimally adapted to your vehicle and control system.

EW HOF. Our drive. Your solution


Battery-operated motor from EW HOF
  • GN, GM and DK series
  • optionally as DC or AC technology
  • Combined with pulse generator, sensor bearing, speedometer, transmission, brake and pump
  • explosion-proof designs

Power range

     0.2 – 32 kW

Battery voltage

     24 – 110 VDC

Protection class

     IP 00 – IP 65

Ventilation systems


A few of the battery-operated motors we’ve built


Your battery-operated motor – perfect for your application

Engineering and building individual drives is not just our area of expertise. It’s our passion. That’s why we can say with confidence, we will find the best battery-operated motor to match your requirements.

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