DC motors from EW HOF

Our special solutions are exactly what you’re looking for. DC motors from EW HOF keep your system running smoothly!

DC motors are available in 3 basic versions. The GV series boasts an all sheet metal design without casing, ideal as main drive in many production machines. The GM and GO series feature a stator sheet casing and are cooled via the surface. These motors are used primarily as pitch drives in wind turbines and in power generation plants. We are looking forward to finding the ideal solution for you: Motors in various designs featuring different ventilation options adapted to client-specific interfaces. You can count on our years of experience in DC motor technology!

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DC motor from EW HOF
  • GV, GM, GO series
  • all sheet metal or solid
  • various ventilation options
  • Combinations with tachogenerator,
    pulse generator, brake or transmission

Power range

     0.2 – 380 kW

Voltage range

     110 – 600 VDC

Protection class

     IP 21 – IP 65

Thermal class

     F / H

A few of the DC motors we’ve built


Your DC motor – customised and efficient

Not many suppliers still offer DC motors. But at EW HOF, our in-house DC motor experts have extensive experience and know-how. Let us put it to work for you, too.

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